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A, B, C's of Street Safety

Learn the A, B, C's of Street Safety!


A - Awareness!  Be aware of your surrounds.

B - Buddy system.  Use the buddy system - always go in pairs.

C - Speak with clarity and confidence.  Don't be too timid or soft spoken.

D - Don't ever leave the scene!  Statistics show a much greater survival rate for people that do not leave the scene.  Don't panic but do your best to prevent being taken from the scene.

E - Evaluate your surroundings and the situation.

F - Fight!  Put up a fight and focus on finding a safe area.

G - GO GET HELP!  Go someplace lit up, a crowded area, etc..

H - Hit and hit hard!


While these tips cannot guarantee safety, they can increase your chances of being safe!

Learn these and many more through our child safety and self-defense programs.