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Mr. Lenny Bogdanos, owner of J Park Tae Kwon Do & Hapkido Center,

is a Nationally Recognized Public Speaker on Child Safety

KidSafe911 Child Abduction Protection Training Programs and Child Safety Products...  Protect children before the fact!

Kid Safe 911 believes that together with family members, we can instill knowledge and self-confidence in our children preparing them to be better able to recognize potentially dangerous situations and defend themselves from potential abductors.
At Kid Safe 911 our fully trained instructors teach children how to protect themselves against abduction and exploitation.  We also lecture at various organizations involving children’s activities providing them with the tools to teach children our safety program.  Our comprehensive curriculum teaches the skills needed to be assertive, aware and most importantly, safe as they proceed through life's most important years. Your school, organization or company can become a certified training center or sponsor for this program in your community.

Education & Training Before the Fact!



Learn the A, B, C's of Street Safety!


A - Awareness!  Be aware of your surrounds.

B - Buddy system.  Use the buddy system - always go in pairs.

C - Speak with clarity and confidence.  Don't be too timid or soft spoken.

D - Don't ever leave the scene!  Statistics show a much greater survival rate for people that do  not leave the scene.  Don't panic but do your best to prevent being taken from the scene.

E - Evaluate your surroundings and the situation.

F - Fight!  Put up a fight and focus on finding a safe area.

G - GO GET HELP!  Go someplace lit up, a crowded area, etc..

H - Hit and hit hard!


While these tips cannot guarantee safety, they can increase your chances of being safe!

Learn these and many more through our child safety and self-defense programs.

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